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About Condor Live Security

Condor Live security implements 15 years of experience in making Security and Combat Movies. Now, with Condor Live Security, you benefit from a true interaction with fighters and mentors, which allows for improved learning experience.

Condor Live Security offers its clients the ability to engage, view, simulate, take active part and interact in any security related activity. Live sessions with Condor Live Security take place in the actual theaters of action, so the simulation is realistic. Live Sessions are tailored to clients' requests and required scenarios, and are the product of contemporary threats and attacks facing security personell. Our methodolgy prioritizes the ability to adapt, adjust and meet, the professional standards using flexible tools in real time, in order to maximize the learning experience and reach the required objectives.

Condor Live Security is a division of Condor Security and relies on the different operative teams, instructors and consultants to deliver a state of the art service to its clients.